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How to Move a Business from the UK to the Netherlands

How to Move a Business from the UK to the Netherlands

Investors who want to relocate their UK business can choose to do so in the Netherlands. Foreign companies incorporated in the United Kingdom can benefit from being relocated to EU Member State, the Netherlands. The country has a very well developed business regime and favours foreign investments.

It is possible to move a business from the UK to the Netherlands if the investor follows the mandatory corporate registration steps in the Netherlands. The experts at our law firm in the Netherlands can give you complete information about the laws regarding company formation or relocation.

Company registration in the Netherlands

Foreign companies can be relocated to the Netherlands without having to merge into an existing Dutch company. It is important that each company is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. The company must have a unique name and must be registered under one of the accepted business forms. The process must take place one week before the company begins the operations or up until one week after the start of the business.

Companies that hire employees in the Netherlands must make this clear during the registration process.

Foreign corporations that simply want to establish their presence on the Dutch market and at the same time keep their foreign headquarters can open a branch or a subsidiary.

Reasons to relocate to the Netherlands

The benefits of investing in the Netherlands include a top location in Europe, good infrastructure, skilled and bilingual employees, a good taxation regime and good living conditions.

British entrepreneurs who want to also want to reside in the Netherlands after they relocate their company here must register with the Municipality Administration belonging to the city they live in. Healthcare coverage is mandatory in the Netherlands. British foreign investors in the Netherlands who stay for less than three months do not need a visa to enter the country.

If you would like to know more about how to relocate an existing business or the legislation for foreign investments, please contact our law firm in the Netherlands.