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IT Law in the Netherlands

IT Law in the Netherlands

The IT law and the internet law

The Dutch information technology law includes the specific laws, regulations, statutes and other relevant legal documents that govern the manner in which digital software and hardware are distributed and used by the public. A separate but equally important legislative branch concerns the internet law which deals with the legal issues regarding the use of internet in the Netherlands, such as internet access and usage, privacy or freedom of expression.

Our Dutch law firm specializes in various areas of the Dutch IT law. The accumulated experience in the field, as well as the capacity to understand various IT problems make our Dutch attorneys qualified to assist you in any matter concerning IT law.

The Dutch IT law: important aspects

Understanding the legal issues involved with the use and distribution of information technologies and IT products is important for most business owners in the Netherlands, especially those running online businesses or businesses that rely heavily on products that deal with require copyright.

The areas that present the most importance in IT law concern the following matters: intellectual property, including copyright, patents, trademarks, computer contracts, electronic contracts, criminal law related to internet use, data protection law and the social and ethical aspects of information and communication technologies.

Dutch companies that produce software, for example, must be pay special attention to the implications that may arise of they are accuse of negligence or if they are found liable for the faulty software product. For computer hardware, intellectual property law is of extreme importance for protecting any new creations or innovations brought in the field.

Legal assistance for IT matters

Our Dutch law firm can help you with various legal issues that involve internet usage, software, databases, domain names protection, other copyrights and design patents, software development, hardware services and dispute resolution through litigation or arbitration.

Please contact our Dutch attorneys if you need more information about the IT law.