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Managing a Company in the Netherlands

Managing a Company in the Netherlands

The Netherlands have a very open economy and the business climate is inviting to foreign investors.

Company managers in the Netherlands need to supervise both the company’s activity and the company’s employees. Although it is thought that Dutch companies do not have such a strict hierarchy, compared to business structures in other parts of Europe, business managers in the Netherlands have important roles in managing the team and ensuring that the company fulfills its targets and objectives.

Business management in the Netherlands

Entrepreneurs can choose to open one of the five available types of legal entities in the Netherlands:

general partnerships (VoF);

– limited partnership;

– professional partnership.

Companies can be private limited companies (BV) and public limited companies (NV).

In most cases, at least two partners are required to open one legal entity. Their responsibility towards the company, as well as their liability, varies in most cases according to the amount of contribution to the capital. In some cases, the partners may chose if they want to be involved in the managing activities of the company. For example, one of the partners in a limited partnership can be the general partner: he is also the manager of the company, while the other may be the silent partner: only liable to the extent of his contribution to the company’s capital.

A manager’s duties in the Netherlands

In small companies business managers monitor the activities in all of the departments. Large companies usually employ different managers for different departments of the company. Dutch business managers should oversee the activities of their employees and train and evaluate them as appropriate. Managers also develop and implement budgets and they evaluate the overall performance of the company and compare it to the short and long term goals of the company.

Regardless of any mandatory educational background for the specific position, Dutch managers should also know the legal framework for company law in the Netherlands. Company management in the Netherlands can be both challenging and rewarding for company directors and managers.

An important part of company management is tax compliance. This also includes VAT registration in Netherlands, when required by law. Our team of tax specialists assists company owners who need to make this registration, as well as companies that are registered for VAT purposes and wish to make sure that they remain fully compliant with the VAT filing schedule and payments. If you would like to know more about this tax, and others, do not hesitate to reach out to our local team.

Our law firm in the Netherlands offers specialized and professional legal services and can help you and your business deal with certain legal aspects and issues when managing a company. Our team of lawyers can also help you with a wide range of legal services, from debt recovery services to assistance for obtaining an EORI number in Netherlands.