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Manufacturing Food Products in the Netherlands

Manufacturing Food Products in the Netherlands

The Dutch food industry

The Netherlands has certain qualities that make it a great country for agricultural production. Its location is also advantageous and import and export activities are encouraged by its position in the EU. The Dutch have some of the world’s largest food and beverage companies and private investments in the agricultural sector and important.

Business owners who open a food manufacturing company in the Netherlands can benefit from the country’s strategic location and its place in the world as a key producer of agricultural products.

An important issue for any food manufacturer in the Netherlands, focused on processing animal products or plant derivatives, is to observe the provisions of the legislation for the production, processing, labeling and selling of foodstuffs. Our Dutch law firm can offer you consultancy regarding the most important legislative documents.

Dutch legislation for manufacturing food

The Netherlands is a member of the European Union and has to comply with all the applicable Directives and Regulations of the food law. The Netherlands also has its own Food and Drugs Law and it is harmonized with the European principles. The Dutch law applies both for domestic-use products as well as for imported products.

The Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority in the Netherlands is the monitoring agency for food and consumer products and has the task of protecting human and animal health. Our Dutch law firm can give you more information about the regulatory bodies in the food industry and the regulations with which food producers must comply.

Food manufacturers in the Netherlands

Food manufacturers in the Netherlands have to observe the food safety rules. Producers need to obtain a special approval from the government in order to manufacture a new food product. Also, businesses operating in the food industry will need to obtain special permits and licenses for functioning.

Food manufacturers in the Netherlands are required to provide a food safety plan, known as the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan in which they must describe the possible risks associated with their products. The entire food production chain as well as the animal feed process is monitored in the Netherlands.

VAT registration in the Netherlands takes place irrespective of the company’s annual threshold, as may be the case in other countries. For new companies, registration for VAT purposes will take place as soon as the business is registered with the Chamber of Commerce. This process can be streamlined, and our team can give you details, including more information about the VAT rates.

If the company is planning on trading the manufactured goods within the EU or outside, then it is subject to EORI registration in Netherlands.

For more information about compliance with the food safety regulations, and if you want to open a company in the Netherlands that manufactures food products, you can contact our law firm in the Netherlands.