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Obtaining Special Permits and Licenses in the Netherlands

Obtaining Special Permits and Licenses in the Netherlands

Like in many other countries, special permits and licenses are required in the Netherlands for certain activities and business fields. Additional rules can also apply for fields like television and the transmission and use of images with licenses, water permits and others. Before deciding to open a company in the Netherlands it is advisable to find out what permits and licenses are required in your business field.

Our Dutch law firm can provide complete information about the special requirements for businesses in the Netherlands.

We invite you to watch a short video on the necessary permits and licenses for doing business in the Netherlands:

Special permits and licenses for Dutch businesses

Activities that deal with building, renovation and environment generally require special permits. Special professions in the Netherlands, like financial services or taxi services require special licenses in order to be recognized. Apart from these, according to the business field, some companies in the Netherlands can make special requirements for diplomas and additional training before employing individuals.

Company directors in the Netherlands should be well aware that failure to provide the necessary documents can result in administrative fines. The most important business sectors in the Netherlands that require licenses and permits are:

  • retail trade, wholesale trade and craft industry;
  • hospitality, recreation and catering;
  • childcare;
  • animal care;
  • art, culture and media;
  • business services and personal services;
  • construction industry;
  • transport;
  • agriculture, livestock farming and fishery;
  • private education.

The experts at our Dutch law firm can evaluate your business plan and specify what permits will be necessary for your business.

How to obtain special permits in the Netherlands

If you want to open a business that requires special permits and licenses to function, you must make a request to the relevant authorities. The permit is issued within a specific time-frame. If, however, the authorities fail to make a decision within that time, it is possible for the permit to be issued automatically. Businesses that require permits for building, renovation, demolishing, construction, environment and open space can request the all-in-one permit for physical aspects.

Companies will need to perform the needed VAT registration in Netherlands before they apply for the aforementioned special permits and licenses. This is a mandatory step for those businesses that engage in VAT-taxable transactions, even if these are subject to a VAT exemption. Our team can give you more details and assist you during the registration process, as well as with any other steps for company incorporation.

Our law firm in the Netherlands can help you obtain all and any necessary permits and licenses, regardless of the business field in which you operate.