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Transportation Law in Netherlans

Transportation Law in Netherlans

The Dutch Transportation Law contained by the Book 8 of the Civil Code is regulating all the types of transportation in Netherlands and contains regulations for the maritime law, inland navigation law, law for carriage by road, air law and the transport by railway.

Types of contracts. In the Netherlands there are several types of contacts regulated by the transportation law which ensure the smooth operation of the transportation of goods and persons such as the Passenger transport contract; Contract of combined transport of persons; Contract of carriage of goods; Contract of combined carriage of goods; Freight forwarding contract; Inland public transport contract.

Contract related to persons carriage. The passenger transport contract as the name states is an agreement under which the transport operator engaged himself to transport one or more passengers.

Contract of combined transport of persons in the Netherlands is similar with a passengers transport contract and stipulates that combined transport operator is taking the engagement to perform the transport in part by any mode of transport.

An inland public transport contract is a passenger transport contract which is stipulating that the transport operator has engaged himself to transport within the Netherlands another party according to a public timetable.

Carriage of goods. A contract of carriage of goods is a document under which the carrier has engaged himself in front of the consignor to transport goods.

A contract of combined carriage of goods is an agreement related to the carriage by the combined carrier of goods handed by counterparty by means of any other mode of transport.

A freight forwarding contract is an agreement under which one of the parties has engaged himself towards a client to conclude on his behalf one or more contracts of carriage of goods placed at his disposal by the client or to make on behalf of that client one or more clauses in one or more contracts of carriage of goods.

Companies engaged in import and export activities are required to perform the EORI registration in Netherlands.

All the contract referring to carriage of goods are usually containing the provision that the carrier must deliver the goods he has received for transport at the place of destination in the condition in which he has received them for transport. Only in cases of major force (extremely bad weather conditions) the carrier may be exonerated for damaging the goods but in this case the insurance company must make compensations for the damaged goods.

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