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Trade Register in the Netherlands

Trade Register in the Netherlands

The Trade Register in the Netherlands

Every company and legal entity in Netherlands is obligated to register with the Trade Register. Therefore, the Dutch Trade Register has the possibility of providing different information on multiple types of companies and legal entities, like the current status of company, previous business partners, if the person collaborating with the company has the legal right to act on behalf of the company, or if the company you are interested in working with is on the verge of bankruptcy. Therefore, the records provide a certain degree of security to companies and legal entities when starting collaboration.

The Trade Register in Netherlands offers specific information on companies opened in Netherlands and legal entities such as name and address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses and correspondence if they are provided by the companies, but also details on branches, officers and authorized signatories, number of employees, owners and co-working relatives, as well as information on possible bankruptcy.

How to obtain information on companies from the Trade Register?

The Trade Register keeps an evidence of all companies, organizations and legal entities that take part of the economic transactions in Netherlands. Therefore, some information listed in the Dutch Trade Register is public and free of charge, and one can search details of a specific company by the company name, the Chamber of Commerce number, address or post code. However, if specific information about companies is needed, such as extracts, annual financial statements, corporate relationships, deposits, summary or history, than a tax applies depending on the information requested. As for the payment method, the Trade Register in the Netherlands offers two options, one is using direct debit, and the second options refers to online payment, creating a prepaid balance with a credit card or iDeal.

Why are companies registered in the Trade Register in Netherlands?

The Chamber of Commerce in Netherlands registers the information in the Trade Register in Netherlands under the Dutch Commercial Registers Act in order to offer entrepreneurs and private individuals the information for business purposes, offering legal certainty in regards to commercial activities. In addition, the government bodies can obtain certain information on companies without asking the entrepreneurs.Therefore, the administrative burden is released.

How to register and when?

A company or a legal entity can register Trade Register in Netherlands starting from one week before the company begins the activity, but not later than one week after it has begun. In regards to the documentation needed, the process is simple: a registration form must be filled in. In addition, it is necessary to present a valid identification document, such as an identity card, passport or driver license. After the company is reggistered, you should know that the company should also be registered for VAT in the Netherlands.

For more information regarding the Trade Register in the Netherlands please contact our Dutch lawyers. You will receive professional and personalized consultancy for your case.