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Dutch Law Firm

Our law firm in the Netherlands offers complete services to investors, tailored to their specific needs, project or case. Our professional team of lawyers and accountants offer services for entrepreneurs who need legal and accounting support for all of their corporate activities.

Our company has helped clients in more than 15 countries to set up companies in the Netherlands. If you need a lawyer in Netherlands who can help you set up a company in this country, our company can be your trusted partner.

Our practice areas are varied and our lawyers’ combined experience guarantees that our clients will benefit from bespoke and efficient legal solutions. Our law firm specializes in:

  • Litigation: commercial and business litigation offered by our team of lawyers who have experience in representing clients before a court; we can represent clients in cases with varying levels of complexity;
  • Corporate law: our attorneys in Netherlands can help with national and international company formation and counsel with regards to all areas of Dutch corporate law including but not limited to company formation, franchising, mergers and acquisitions and others.
  • Employment: for investors doing business in the country, legal counsel in the Employment Law can prove especially useful for the purpose of hiring employees as well as terminating agreements;
  • Intellectual Property: we offer legal counsel on the manner in which our clients can protect their trademarks in the Netherlands as well as internationally; we also assist with intellectual property disputes;
  • Tax Law and Debt Collection: legal counsel on the tax laws that apply in the Netherlands as well as assistance for comprehending the financial sector regulatory regime; a separate division offers debt collection services;
  • Others: our lawyers respond to other legal issues such as Antitrust and Competition Law matters, the enforcement of foreign legal judgments in the Netherlands and many other issues.
 Quick Facts  
Commercial litigation assistance offered by our Dutch law firm

Assistance and court representation in litigation cases concerning business disputes of all kinds

Company formation in the Netherlands

Selecting the suitable business form, corporate registration with the Chamber of Commerce, applying for special permits and licenses


 Issues concerning loans and business financing, opening a bank account in the Netherlands and others

Drafting employment contracts, legal advice on personnel restructuring, employment dispute resolution, settlement agreements

International investments
in the Netherlands
Services for foreign investors in the Netherlands, franchising, corporate mergers and acquisitions
Tax matters 

Corporate tax compliance, assistance for companies that wish to benefit from applicable incentives in their business field


Assistance for corporations that were awarded a debt restructuring arrangement, as well as for those that were declared bankrupt by the court

Intellectual property Trademark applications and oppositions, patent registrations, IP rights legal advisory services 
Debt recovery with the help of our Dutch law firm  Amicable debt recovery attempts followed by court proceedings, if necessary 
Real estate issues Commercial and residential sale and purchase, Dutch construction law issues, real estate investor consulting and others
Residential conveyancing Assistance for individuals who are buying or selling property in a Dutch city
Individual employment Assistance in case of unfair dismissals, workplace harassment, workplace discrimination and other issues
Civil litigation assisted by the experts at our Dutch law firm Tenancy and employment issues, construction and contract law matters, as well as others
Divorce and family law Divorce application, the division of marital property, child custody and maintenance, wills and probate and more 
Immigration in the Netherlands  Residence permit applications, obtaining Dutch citizenship through naturalization, family reunification 
VAT Registration in Netherlands

We can help you with:

– completing registration forms,

– communicating with tax authorities,

– providing advice on VAT rates and exemptions, etc.

Due diligence services

Reviewing legal documents, contracts, agreements, and litigation history;

Conducting financial analysis;

Identifying possible risks associated with transaction;


Services related to Competition Law

We help in maintaining the regulatory settings for fair competition and consumer rights protection.

Dutch tax calculator services available (YES/NO) YES
Services related to Maritime Law

– issues concerning shipping,

– marine insurance,

– maritime accidents, etc.

Services related to Transportation Law

– aspects of logistics,

– shipping,

– transportation-related contracts and regulations, etc.

Help with obtaining EORI number (YES/NO)


Consultancy for company management

– compliance with legal requirements,

– risk management,

– business strategies,

– drafting and renewing contracts, etc.

Changing business structures

We can help and provide guidance on the most suitable new structure based on your goals, taxation considerations, liability protection, and other factors.


We can refer you to our accounting partners.

Services related to Data Protection Law


– GDRP compliance,

– data protection litigation,

– drafting and updating privacy policies or terms of use, etc.

Representation in court (YES/NO)



Our lawyers have a Master’s degree in Dutch law and are registered with the Netherlands Bar Association (NOvA).

Cities our services are available in

– Amsterdam,

– Rotterdam

Why choose our law firm in Netherlands

– experienced team,

– comprehensive personalized services,

– convenient and efficient,

– budget-friendly services, etc.

Our lawyers are in permanent contact with legislative changes, the modes of interpretation for the legal norms and regulations in the Netherlands, as well as specialized updated information from the international legal environment. The complexity of the Dutch legislation in accordance with our projects and cases challenge our lawyers’ ongoing effort along with coherent and consistent actions in order to satisfy our client’s interests.

Our team is experienced in working both with international companies that are also based in the Netherlands as well as local businesses of varying sizes. We offer legal advice that is suited to our client’s profile and unique activities and our lawyers are fully equipped to provide industry-specific legal advice to companies in the Netherlands.

Please note that this list is only a brief description of the services our team is ready to offer to natural and legal persons. We encourage you to reach out to our law firm in Netherlands for more complete information about our services.

If you want to open a business in the Netherlands, to make sure that you are being tax compliant and follow all of the rules, to recover debts, to liquidate a company or you need legal advice in other sectors such as family law, maritime law, transportation law, banking or immigration, our Dutch law firm will provide the best support in optimum time and convenient conditions.

Dispute resolution in the Netherlands

Our team has extensive experience in legal proceedings in the Netherlands and can assist clients both with litigation services and with arbitration and mediation. We can represent clients who deal with matters related to commercial disputes, business matters, employment litigation, corporate, banking and administrative disputes and many others. We approach each case with diligence and we offer convenient alternatives to court litigation whenever possible, always focusing on the interest of the client, both from an economic and from a legal point of view. If you need a litigation lawyer in Netherlands, you can always reach out to our litigation attorneys for complete information about our services as well as advice.

The video below highlights the main services provided by our experts, available in all of the main Dutch cities:

Company formation services in the Netherlands

Our team provides complete services for investors who want to open a company in Netherlands. The procedure of opening a company in this country consists of several steps which may be assisted by our lawyers from Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The table below presents these essential steps. For more information apart from the briefly described procedure, please feel free to send us an inquiry.

Choose a company typeA new business must operate under one of the available legal forms in the Netherlands. This choice will depend on the size of the company.
Choose a company nameThe company’s trade name must be a unique one. You can perform a trade name check in advance.
Open a bank accountThe business must have a corporate bank account. The minimum share capital will be deposited here.
Draw up the Articles of AssociationDuring this step, the founders of the company draw up the Articles of Association and the deed of incorporation, in front of a notary in the Netherlands. Our lawyer in Netherlands can help you draft the Articles of Association.
Register the companyThe last step required for company formation in the country is registration with the Dutch Trade Register. For this purpose, the founders of the company will need to fill in the required forms and submit all of the incorporation documents.
Make any needed subsequent registrationsThe company will also need to be registered for tax and labor purposes as well as apply for any needed special permits and licenses.

These steps are just general ones that apply to the incorporation of a private limited liability company, for example. Simpler business forms like the sole trader will have fewer requirements.

Our lawyers are also able to handle other legal actions provided by the Dutch law in accordance with the incorporation of any local company with diverse shareholding and other legal actions or advice in this field. All the documents needed to run your business should be ready in about three weeks, but the initial expected period may be exceeded when a bank approval or VAT registration in the Netherlands implies delays. For more information about the company formation steps, we invite you to read our brief article about opening a Dutch Company.

Once your company is running, our team of Dutch lawyers is able to advise your company on any commercial legal issues and support you with quality legal services. We advise clients across all business fields in the Netherlands and once the company is duly registered with the authorities, we can provide additional information on how to obtain necessary permits and licenses so that your company can run in full compliance with the ongoing law.

The Netherlands is a fairly attractive country to start a business in Europe and the number of incorporated companies highlights this. According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS) the number of private limited companies evolved in the following manner:

  • there were 373,645 private limited companies registered in the second quarter of 2020;
  • in the first quarter of the year there were 368,580 private limited companies;
  • compared to 2020, the number of private limited companies in the fourth quarter of 2019 was 365,670 and that in the first quarter of 2019 was of 358,909 companies.

The private limited company or the BV is a preferred business form because it is separate from its founders (it has autonomy) and it can be incorporated by only one shareholder who can also act as a director.

Consultancy for company management in the Netherlands

Professional services in Commercial and Business Law in the Netherlands: Experienced lawyers that work with us in Amsterdam, Netherlands, will provide you with professional services in any case concerning Commercial and Business issues. Our law firms can accomplish any procedures that target the purchasing of shares, investments, acquisitions and merger actions.

For foreign investors who are interested in franchising in the Netherlands as well as mergers and acquisitions we provide services along all of the stages of the commercial transaction. We also offer due diligence services in case of company purchases and can offer legal advice as needed for cross-border purchases.

Not only can we advise on the corporate law and director’s and shareholder’s liability but we can also provide legal insight into the manner in which you can protect your intellectual property while doing business in the Netherlands. Copyrights, trademarks, trade names, as well as domain names, deserve protection and they can be registered so that only your company will be allowed to use a certain element of this sort. Our lawyers are able to make sure that you are protected against copyright infringement and, in the event of litigation, we are able to help you compile a strategy as well as represent you in court. Our lawyers also specialize in Competition Law and can provide information on the manner in which fair competition has ensued between business entities and how consumer interests are protected in the country.

Our team of lawyers in Netherlands is here to help you with any legal and commercial challenges that may arise during the course of your business activities in the country.

Debt Collection and Taxes in the Netherlands

Are you dealing with unpaid debts and need a lawyer in Netherlands in order to help you recover the outstanding amounts? Our lawyers remain at your disposal with efficient services in this matter. We have a vast experience in this field and are able to accomplish any debt collection procedure by giving you the most suitable solution in accordance with your case. Our Dutch law firm can take care of the entire procedure, from the amicable settlement by sending several demand letters to the debtor, within the lawsuit before the Court.

If you want to know more about the debt collection in the Netherlands and about the actions that imply a lawyer’s advice read our brief information on this subject.

The lawyers and accountants working for us provide quality services for Dutch or foreign companies that require legal and accountant support for the undertaken activities. We are able to provide customized services in tax and financial matters optimized to your needs, including the VAT registration, payroll services, double taxation avoidance, and other connected procedures. We provide legal counsel on all of the important tax laws, such as the various tax acts as well as information on the tax treaties that have been signed by the Netherlands.

Try our Dutch Tax Calculator!

Our tax calculator was created in order to help foreign businessmen calculate their corporate taxes in the Netherlands. They can find out how much they have to pay in terms of corporate tax, dividend tax and Value Added Tax in the Netherlands by filling out only 5 simple fields. Moreover, our calculator also detects the existence of any double taxation treaties concluded between the Netherlands and your country of residence. In case you need to calculate the main taxes your company must pay in the Netherlands, we invite you to try our Dutch tax calculator. For assistance with accountancy related issues please rely on our Dutch Accountants.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the steps of business litigation cases in the Netherlands?

The business litigation proceedings start with a claim filed by the plaintiff. The commercial litigation trial is overseen by a lawyer and the team of experts at our law firm in the Netherlands can assist you in various cases like breach of contract, intellectual property infringement, securities fraud and many others.

2. What are the most important legal aspects I should know about company formation in the Netherlands?

A new company in the Netherlands must have a unique name that does not violate any intellectual property laws, must have a registered office in the Netherlands and comply with the requirements for registration and the necessary business permits, licenses and authorizations.

3. What are the basic legal requirements for foreign investors wanting to invest in the Netherlands?

Foreign investors have the right to open companies just as any other Dutch citizen. They must observe the legislation for investments, apply for and obtain the necessary business licenses, meet the requirements for the minimum share capital and conduct their business activities according to law.

4. Will I need special permits or licenses for my new company in the Netherlands?

Yes. Depending on the type of activity your company conducts you will need special permits and/or licenses for trade activities, storing and selling foodstuffs or performing some financial services.

5. What is the procedure of debt collection in the Netherlands?

Debt collection can be initiated when a client is long overdue on certain payments. It can be done using extrajudicial procedures like sending demand letters or judicial measures when the case is taken to court. In some cases it may be useful to file a bankruptcy petition for a debtor. Whatever the case, the team of experts at our Dutch law firm can help you.

6. Do I need a visa to enter the Netherlands? How can I obtain it?

A Schengen visa is available for citizens of certain EU countries for a period of stay of maximum 90 days. For longer periods of time a short-stay visa is needed. Individuals can apply for visas at the Embassy/Consulate of the Netherlands in their country of residence.

7. What are the steps I must follow in order to obtain citizenship in the Netherlands?

Citizenship in the Netherlands can be obtained through marriage, through naturalization or the option procedure. Children born to a Dutch parent have the right to obtain Dutch citizenship. Our lawyers can give you more details about the eligibility criteria for obtaining citizenship.

8. What are the requirements regarding employment in the Netherlands?

The Employment Law in the Netherlands governs the relationship between the employer and the employee. A foreign employee will need to obtain a work permit before coming in the country. An employment contract is mandatory and must be concluded in written form. Depending on the type of activity and the position, the employer may opt for an open term contract or one with a clearly defined duration.

9. Are there any special requirements for marriage and/or divorce in the Netherlands?

Foreign couples can get married in the Netherlands if they wish to do so. A lawyer can help you if you are going through a divorce and need to settle child custody and distribute the assets.

10. How are individuals and companies taxed in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands levies a corporate income tax of 15% or 25,8%. Companies also have to pay other taxes in the Netherlands like the real estate tax and the transfer tax. The income tax for individuals in the Netherlands is levied in progressive rates of up to 52%.

Other legal services in the Netherlands

Our team also consists of lawyers specialized in Family Law for whom our customer’s needs have become the quality standards. Whether you need support for the issuance of a certificate by the Registrar of Civil Status, information about adoptions in the Netherlands or any other matter relating to the Family Law, our law firm will provide you with the best advice and will act in the most professional way in your benefit. In case you need other legal services, such as immigration assistance, we can put you in contact with our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands.

Our attorneys in the Netherlands who specialize in real estate matters can help foreign investors with a wide range of legal issues, including but not limited to purchasing property, legal audits for real estate development projects, landlord/tenant agreements and dispute resolutions, mortgage issues as well as legal advice and court representation when certain real estate matters are brought before the administrative courts (such as building permit refusals, challenging administrative decisions and others). In case you need a lawyer in Netherlands who is specialized in real estate matters, our team is at you disposal.

We are a full services law firm and you can reach out to us for matters like company dissolution and liquidation, litigations, employment, capital market, transportation, and maritime laws, intellectual property, bank law, immigration, obtaining EORI number in Netherlands, by offering our customers the most suitable advice to solve problems in the most effective way. We believe in our knowledge and experience and our staff composed of competent and well prepared Dutch lawyers offers the most productive manner of working with our clients.

Lawyers Netherlands is a part of Bridgewest, an international network of law firms and company formation agencies. Our areas of expertise are law, accountancy and company formation. We can offer information about company incorporation in other European countries, such as Turkey.