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Will Preparation in Netherlands

Will Preparation in Netherlands

The law in the Netherlands sets forth the main principles of heirship, however, the specific wishes of the individual passing on the assets are not always considered. For this purpose, will preparation in Netherlands is a certain way of ensuring who is entitled to assets after your departure.

Individuals may find it helpful to talk to a professional before drawing up their will or testament. One of the experts at our Dutch law firm can assist you during this process.

The Dutch Inheritance Law

The Dutch Inheritance Law allows individuals to establish their heirs but only when a will or succession by will is prepared. If this document is now drawn up, then the succession will be determined as per the law.

When there is no will present, only blood relatives and spouses are entitled to inherit the assets, the children and the spouse have priority over other groups of relatives such as brothers or sisters. The children have the right to receive a fixed amount of the inheritance, also referred to as a statutory claim.

Foreign investors in the Netherlands may use the provisions of the foreign inheritance laws and the international private law if they prepare their will in the Netherlands.

Our team of Dutch lawyers is able to help you draw up the will.

Drawing up a will in the Netherlands

According to law, wills in the Netherlands are valid if they are drawn up before a notary public. A subsequent registration of the will is mandatory.

Th authentic will is drawn up by the notary in the presence of the testator and the contents of the document shall remain confidential until the departure of the testator.

The will may contain provisions about guardianship for the children, the distribution of the estate, the property abroad (if any), succession planning for company owners in the Netherlands and even the disinheritance of certain individuals.

One of the experts at our law firm in the Netherlands can help you with will preparation as per your indications and wishes.

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