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GDPR Legislation in Netherlands

GDPR Legislation in Netherlands

The General Data Protection Regulation was applied throughout the EU starting with May 25th. This new set of rules brought changes compared to the previous regulations and a greater degree of responsibility for companies that were required to come up with adequate implementation and compliance strategies.

Our team of Dutch lawyers highlights the main issues to be considered about the enforcement of the GDPR and can help companies observe the ongoing regulations and requirements.

The GDPR in the Netherlands

The General Data Protection Regulation was designed to apply at an EU-level and it concerns the privacy of personal information belonging to EU citizens. The law has replaced the local data protection laws starting with May 25th and companies are now required to comply with some significant changes and more stringent requirements.

Non-EU companies can also be required to comply with the GDPR when their activity concerns individuals in the Netherlands or EU in general. Individuals who administer online shops that also sell to Dutch customers can talk more about this with our team of lawyers.

For the purpose of enforcing the GDPR, the authority in the Netherlands remains the Dutch Data Protection Authority and its powers remain unchanged – it can terminate illegal date processing, perform home inspections against the will of the owner and issue files or administrative orders. Our team of attorneys in the Netherlands can give you additional information.

Special assistance for the implementation of the GDPR legislation

Companies of all types and sizes were required to prepare for the implementation of the GDPR legislation until the end of May. However, businesses may find that it is helpful to have the ongoing aid of an agent who specializes in all of the GDPR issues. For this purpose, our team of Dutch lawyers can assist you with the following issues listed below:

  • Data control: the new law gives further rights to individuals in terms of controlling the data they share and also the portability of this data – one of our agents can help you provide the data to the individual who wishes to do so.
  • Data protection: this includes two forms, both by protection and by default, with the latter offering the option to choose the most convenient one from the user’s point of view, meaning that no information is shared at all.
  • Data breach: special requirements are in place for protection against data thefts, loss or unauthorized access; our agents can help you deal with any data breaches within the required timeframe.
  • Processing activity: companies are now required to maintain a record of the data processing activities and the responsibility for this now lies with the organization.

Contact our law firm in the Netherlands for complete information about the GPRD and how our lawyers can help you.