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Our company and its websites (lawyersnetherlands.com and companyformationnetherlands.com) are referred to in various materials in the media. We invite you to read some of these below:

1. Expanding or going it alone? How to set up a business in the Netherlands

“The Netherlands, with its stable business climate, its open economy and its excellent transport infrastructure, is one of the biggest draws in Europe when it comes to setting up in business.”


“The variety of assets which can be protected by setting up a Dutch foundation includes real estate, bank accounts, physical assets and other private interests. Also, the establishment of such an entity does not require special attention as in other countries. “

3. Attractive European Countries for Foreign Investors

“The Netherlands has a multicultural business regime, making it one of the most welcoming countries for foreign entrepreneurs in Europe. There are no restrictions on foreign investments and 100% foreign ownership is permitted.”

4. Netherlands and UK are biggest channels for corporate tax avoidance

“The Netherlands was a conduit for 23 per cent of corporate investments that ended in a tax haven, a team of researchers at the University of Amsterdam concluded.”

5. A Guide On Setting Up An Investment Fund

“The UCITS is a mutual fund based in Europe and this type of fund is marketed under a unifying EU regulatory scheme, meaning that it can be marketed across the EU. This can be a preferred type of investment fund for those entrepreneurs interested in opening a Dutch investment fund.”

6. Five advantages of moving from traditional to online business

“When moving a business online, the business owner should respect the local legislation, including the new GDPR imposed in the European Union since last year. And remember to ask for legal advice from a Dutch law firm if doing business in the Netherlands, for example, before taking any step is essential.”

7. Best European countries for starting a business

“A good location in Europe and one of the most welcoming business climates in the Old Continent make the Netherlands one of the top locations for starting a business in Europe.”

8. Establishing a Subsidiary in the Netherlands Is Highly Favorable for Foreign Investors

“The subsidiary offers a somewhat greater measure of flexibility comparing to branches as a subsidiary is a regular Dutch company with a full legal personality, with its share capital being fully or partially owned by the foreign company, unlike a branch which is much more linked with to the foreign parent company. “

9. How to choose the proper country for opening a company

“Mainly known as double tax treaties, these agreements are very important for foreign investors who can have substantial benefits in terms of corporate and personal taxation. As a tip, the Netherlands has a quite extensive double tax treaties network, apart from the advantages the local authorities offer.”

10. Most Important Things You Should Observe When Opening a Business Abroad

“For example,opening a company in the Netherlands is a simple process and foreign ownership is fully permitted. Many jurisdictions allow foreign investors to own 100% of their business, however other countries can have more restrictive foreign investment policies.”