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Verification of a Dutch Company

Verification of a Dutch Company

When deciding to purchase an existing company in the Netherlands, it is advisable to verify the Dutch company that will be acquired. The verification process is straightforward and offers complete data about the company, thus ensuring the investor that the purchase is profitable and that the company meets all the criteria for the desired business.

Our lawyers in the Netherlands can provide complete company verification services and offer assistance with other legal procedures that are usually necessary when acquiring a company in the Netherlands.

Purchase a Dutch company

When deciding to open a business in the Netherlands, entrepreneur can choose from various forms of legal entities: public limited companies, general or limited partnerships, professional partnership of sole traders. Minimum share capitals are required for certain types of companies and although many investors choose to set up their own company, others prefer to take over existing business.

Mergers and acquisitions in the Netherlands are common when a company takes over an existing one for expansion purposes or when investors start by acquiring an already created company that is ready to use right away. The company registration procedure is already concluded and the company chosen by the investor is ready to operate.

Company verification is particularly useful for companies that have a history, in which case the previous business activities must be verified in order to ensure the future success of the company.

Our Dutch lawyers can provide extensive or simple company verification services.

Company verification in the Netherlands

A simple company verification is made when only the basic documents of the company need to be analysed. Extracts from the Dutch Trade Register are analysed in order to gather more information about the company’s identification details, its shareholders and directors. The Articles of Association and the most recent financial information of the company are also checked.

In order to perform an extensive company verification, Dutch lawyers and attorneys must verify all of the documents of the company. The extracts from the Trade Register, the Articles of Association and a financial audit are usually performed. However, in order to have a complete image of the company’s history, previous contracts signed by the company are also checked.

A company that has been EORI registered can will be asked to confirm that some of its details will be available for verification within this European database for economic operators.

Please contact our law firm in the Netherlands for more information about the company verification procedure in the Netherlands.