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Amsterdam – an Ideal City for UK Businesses to Relocate to

Amsterdam – an Ideal City for UK Businesses to Relocate to

In the aftermath of the Brexit, many international companies are starting to consider the real implications this decision will have on their business. A change in future taxation policies and trade agreements might be something certain companies will want to avoid. Amsterdam is an ideal city for UK businesses to relocate to because of its reputation as a business center and its accessibility from central Europe.

Moving the company to Amsterdam is a big step for any corporation, regardless of the business field. The transition, documentation, and preparation for the process can be made easier with the help of a Dutch law firm.

Find out more about the top reasons to relocate to Amsterdam from the following video:

Why relocate the company from London to Amsterdam

Foreign companies based in London can transfer a part of their operations to Dutch cities like Amsterdam or they can relocate here completely. The office in Amsterdam can then serve as the main headquarters for the company’s operations in Europe.

The main reason companies are taking into consideration the option of relocating their company is the economic and politic uncertainty that are likely to influence the manner in which they can do business in the United Kingdom.

Amsterdam has many qualities that make it an ideal location to relocate a UK business. Among the most important consideration we can list the following:

good in international connections through the Schipol airport and a good transport infrastructure;

good location in Europe and easy access from main European capitals;

– good tax regime;

– multilingual population and skilled employees;

– the quality of life.

Important considerations for relocating to Amsterdam

The relocation process can vary according to the type of company and the size of the business. Investors need to choose a suitable business form under which their relocated company can function in the Netherlands.

The attorneys at our Dutch law firm can assist you during the company incorporation process and help you draw up and conclude any documents needed for the transfer of company assets. Investors need to bear in mind that they will need to adjust their accounting and reporting practices to those applicable in the Netherlands.

Certain businesses need to obtain special permits and licenses in order to be able to conduct business activities in Dutch cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

For more information about company relocation please do not hesitate to contact our law firm in the Netherlands.