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Characteristics of the Dutch Workforce

Characteristics of the Dutch Workforce

Dutch workforce highlights

The Netherlands has many advantages for a foreign investor who wants to open a company here: he can enjoy a very good location in Europe and find the people who will make the business flourish. The first words that can begin to describe the Dutch workforce are: highly educated and multilingual.

Companies in the Netherlands are diverse and so are their needs and staff requirements. Because the country is a gateway to Europe, many people choose to relocate here and work for international companies. Students from other countries who come to the Netherlands for an academic degree are also important contributors to the pool of available workforce.

The main characteristics of the Dutch workforce

Foreign companies that choose the Netherlands as their prime location to run their European business will need multilingual staff and the Dutch are the perfect candidates. Almost 90% of Dutch nationals are fluent in English, a very important asset, considering that English is the primary foreign business language in the Netherlands and in Europe. German and French are also widely spoken languages, due to the influence of the neighboring countries.

Most Dutch nationals attend some form of higher education and are prepared to enter specific business fields. The Dutch educational system offers options for professional, secondary and tertiary education. Most of the working population has an academic degree.

Company owners who want to hire staff will find a nearly inexhaustible pool of potential candidates in the Netherlands. Our law firm in the Netherlands can help you know more about the legal requirements employers have to comply with in order to hire staff in the Netherlands.

A proactive workforce

A company with skilled workers has great business potential, but a company with motivated and skilled employees can become very successful. The Dutch are known to be proactive and dependent. A good attitude towards cooperation and work is what makes them appreciated.

Business owners can find the ideal candidates, whether for part-time projects or for permanent employment. The wages and benefits an employer has to offer are fairly reasonable when compared to the skills of the employee. The overall cost of labor in the Netherlands is very good for businesses.

When hiring employees in the Netherlands, employers need to observe some basic requirements included in the Labor Law. Our Dutch law firm can help you draw up employment contracts.

Please contact our Dutch attorneys if you need help with any legal services in the Netherlands.