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Establish a Fintech Company in Netherlands

Establish a Fintech Company in Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the European hubs for fintech companies, with many Dutch companies contributing to the development of this particular financial services sector.

The country has a favorable infrastructure as well as attractive business regimes, all being top qualities for investors looking to establish a fintech company in the Netherlands.

The experts at our Dutch law firm highlight the main industry-specific issues as well as the steps needed to open a fintech business in the country.

We invite you to watch a video about fintech companies in the Netherlands:

Fintech companies in the Netherlands

The corporate finance, banking and blockchain subsectors are well represented. Companies in the Netherlands will usually specialize in one fintech subsector, such as mobile solutions for banks for example.

Dutch companies activating in the fintech industry can provide the following services:

– corporate finance;

cryptocurrency trading;

– blockchain technology;

online invoicing;

– accounting and tax management solutions – specialized applications;

banking, for example, solutions for bank customers and mobile solutions for banks;

– money transfer applications and solutions;

e-banking solutions in the Netherlands.

An advantage of opening a company in the fintech sector in the Netherlands is that the country is an attractive relocation option for many talented and highly qualified expats. A special 30 percent ruling is also available for selected categories of foreign workers in the country. One of our Dutch lawyers can give you more information on this tax ruling and other issues concerning corporate taxation in the country.

Opening a Dutch company

The Dutch NV and the Dutch BV are the recognized forms or limited liability company, one being the public LLC and the other the private LLC. These two business forms are the ones most commonly used by investors who start a financial services company.

Another option for foreign fintech companies to establish their operations in the Netherlands is to open a Dutch branch.

Investors who wish to know more about how to start a fintech business can contact our law firm in the Netherlands. One of our attorneys is able to help you with information and legal services tailored to your particular needs.